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Bingo : the attraction of any casino or a party or a get together.

There are so many games and sports that drive millions of people crazy. The love for the games is what keeps it alive through generations. One of such games is bingo. The game of bingo is purely a game of chance.

This game is one of the most popular games amongst the casino games. But, the fact is that the popularity and the ease of the game have spread bingo outside casinos. This is one popular activity carried out at many and any such place where people have gathered to have fun.

Talk of a party, a picnic, a day out at a resort, any family or friends get together and the first thing that comes to your mind is how to make it the most memorable one. This is where bingo enters and makes the complete program full of thrill, excitement and pleasure.

The fun and joy that bingo brings along is what puts life in to any party or get together. Of course, in a casino as well if you notice, you would realize that this game is a crowd puller. The simplicity of the game of bingo, and the excitement and thrill that it brings makes it a very pleasurable game. In games like this one which are purely games of chance you need no extra skills to play or to win them.

Luck plays the major role in games like bingo. But, it is also true that the alertness of the player is very important.

Understanding the game

Bingo is a game of numbers. There are tickets that are handed over to players and there are numbers on these tickets. There is a caller or a machine that calls out, reads out or displays numbers that are generated by the balls from a machine, by pulling out counters from a bag, or are generated by an electronic random number generator.

The design of a ticket has 27 blocks which are in 9 columns and 3 rows. Not all of the blocks are inscribed with numbers. These 9 columns have a set of numbers to cover. That is like the first column would cover numbers from 1 to 9, the second would cover from 11 to twenty and it will go on till the 9th column which covers numbers from 80 to 90. Every line has that is every row has minimum and maximum of 5 numbers and the other blocks thus remain blank.

Now, when the players are all set with their tickets the caller starts with the calling of numbers and the players start with striking off the numbers if they appear on the ticket. The moment any player finishes a line he needs to call saying for example first line or first two lines and so on.

The caller also does the job of verifying the tickets and thus declaring the winners. The first player to finish the complete set of numbers on the ticket is the winner and he needs to call out saying bingo.