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The fast and secured online money transactions only through PayPal.

About PayPal

Internet has changed our world and our surroundings completely. The way so many things worked has changed because of the use of internet technology. Transferring money to different places was the most time consuming kind of a job until e commerce option like payPal came in to existence.

PayPal is an online service provider letting people across the globe to send and to receive money or in simple words to pay and to get paid online. Paypal was established in the year 1998 by Confinity and since then has climbed the ladder of success to become the market leader in the field of ecommerce.

The year 2000 was when Confinity joined hands with Xcom to give us the paypal what we see today. In the year 2002 it was acquired by ebay and is till date an ebay enterprise.

The paypal office of San Jose, California, USA heads the paypal business worldwide. San Jose office as the registered head office it also operates from Scottsdale, Arizona; Omaha, Nebraska and in Austin, Texas in the U.S.; Berlin; India; Dublin; and Tel-Aviv.

Paypal in today’s date offers services in about 190 markets, rolling the money in about 19 different currencies and has more than 70 million actively running accounts. It is considered to be the most secured and trusted website offering ecommerce business and not to forget the most inexpensive and affordable as well. The security offered by paypal to its account holders is what has increased its customer base so widely.

Fast and secured paypal

Paypal is the oldest form of ecommerce options that has prevailed through this decade successfully. The name is known for trustworthy and fast transactions. Because of the extensive business across the continents paypal is able to deliver more fast transactions than any other ecommerce site.

All you have to do is to sign up with the site to open an account. This account is just like an e bank account with the bare minimum transactions like sending, receiving and withdrawal of money being serviced.

Paypal lets its account holders send and receive money through their web portal without having to share their personal financial information using their credit cards, bank accounts, or their paypal account balances. That means as a paypal account holder you can transfer money from your local bank account or credit card, provided it is listed, to your paypal account and vice a versa withdraw money form your paypal account to get deposited in your bank account or credit card.

Paypal offers ecommerce services in various sectors online like various online vendors, commercial users, auction sites, and also offers services in the field of online casinos. The trust that paypal has built has been called up by different online casinos to increase their trustworthiness by using paypal as a payment option.

So, with paypal be relaxed and make your ecommerce transactions at a much faster pace than you can ever think of. Paypal is the most trusted name in the world of ecommerce.